V2 Guardian Half Face Protection Airsoft Mask Black MA-10-BK



Specifications : 

  • Types: Airsoft Masks
  • Color: Black
  • WoSport MA10 mask: Variant of Strike Metal Mesh Lower Face Mask
  • Designed for pairing with ANSI-approved goggles for full face and eye protection
  • Lightweight, durable metal mesh construction
  • Ample ventilation to prevent fogging during gameplay
  • Comprehensive protection for lower face and ears against BBs
  • Secure fit on the nose and cheeks with elastic straps wrapping behind and over the head.
  • Designed to: Protect your Face and Ears

Airsoft Masks Distributor – Introducing the WoSport MA10 Airsoft Mask, a variant of the Strike Metal Mesh Lower Face Mask designed for optimal protection during intense gameplay. This black mask is crafted with lightweight and durable metal mesh, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the lower face and ears against BBs. Specifically designed for pairing with ANSI-approved goggles, the WoSport MA10 offers full face and eye protection. The ample ventilation incorporated into its design helps prevent fogging during gameplay, ensuring clear vision at all times. The mask guarantees a secure fit on the nose and cheeks, thanks to elastic straps wrapping behind and over the head.

For those in search of a reliable airsoft mask, this WoSport MA10 variant stands out for its quality construction and protective features. As a wholesaler of masks, we offer competitive prices for this sought-after accessory. Elevate your protective gear with the WoSport MA10, designed to provide top-tier safety for your face and ears during airsoft activities. Trimex is the best Airsoft Masks Distributor and Supplier in the USA where you can get a variety of Airsoft Paintball Mask, Mask for Parties and Many more.

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