SRC 0.40G BIO Heavy Airsoft BBS – BB40BS-1800T




  • Types: Airsoft BBs
  • BBs Size: 5.95 +/- 0.01mm(Common term 6mm)
  • BBs Color: White BBs
  • Biodegradable
  • Brand: SRC
  • Weight: 0.40g
  • BBs Count: 1800
  • Plastic Bottle

SRC Airsoft BB Wholesale – The 0.40g Perfect SRC Airsoft BB Wholesale, comes in a robust plastic bottle, making them an excellent choice for bulk purchases by retailers or avid airsoft players. With a size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm (commonly referred to as 6mm) and a striking white colour, these BBs offer both precision and visibility during gameplay. Weighing 0.40g, these heavy BBs provide enhanced stability and accuracy over extended distances, catering to the demands of serious airsoft enthusiasts. The generous 1800-count per bottle ensures an ample supply, making them a practical choice for those looking to buy in larger quantities. SRC, a renowned brand in the airsoft industry, emphasizes quality with these meticulously crafted Perfect Heavy Airsoft BBs, making them an ideal product for wholesale acquisition.

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