SRC 0.28g Perfect Glowing Tracer BBs Shots – 1 KG (~3500 BBs) – BB28BG-1KG



Specifications :

  • Types: Airsoft BBs
  • BBs size: 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm (common term 6mm)
  • BBs color: White
  • BBs weight: .28g
  • BBs Count: 3500
  • Tracer BB
  • Package: 1 KG (Approximately ~3500 BBs)
  • Attributes: lab-tested, triple polished, premium quality
  • Suitable for use with Airsoft Tracer Units

SRC Airsoft BB Tracer Wholesaler – Introducing the latest addition to our inventory, the .20g Perfect Glowing Airsoft BB Tracer Wholesaler by SRC. Encased in a durable plastic bottle, these BBs are specifically designed for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance in their airsoft games. With a size of 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm (commonly termed 6mm), these white BBs offer precision and visibility during gameplay, ensuring a satisfying experience for players. We have bulk airsoft bb tracer for retailers. Weighing in at .20g, these BBs strike a balance between speed and accuracy, providing versatility on the field. The bottle contains a generous 3000-count, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to buy in bulk or for retailers looking to stock up on a popular product.

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