Double Eagle Spring Powered Pump Action Tri-Shot Shotgun – M56




  • Types: Airsoft Spring Shotguns
  • Color: Black
  • Round: 30
  • Brand: Double Eagle
  • Made of: Metal/ABS
  • Design for: Flip Up Sight, Pistol Grip, VPS Tool

This M56AL Pump Action shotgun is modelled after the well-known Marui M3 which has been in service for several years. These unique pump-action shotguns fire three BBs in one shot so these are actual airsoft “shotguns” and not just single-shot airsoft guns that look like shotguns. This multi-shot capability is accomplished by three separate barrels inside of the shotgun’s main outer barrel, while other multi-shot shotguns use just one inner barrel so the velocity and range of the BBs are far from consistent. When the shotgun is fired it sends three BBs towards your target in a spread pattern capable of taking out multiple targets. The barrels are mated to a honeycomb of three pistons which are powered by dual overlapping main springs so each BB travels at the same velocity

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