Double Eagle Spring Powered Pump Action Shotgun w/ Buttstock – M47-D1




  • Types: Spring Airsoft Shotguns
  • Color: Black
  • Round: 17
  • Brand: Double Eagle
  • Made of: Metal/ABS
  • Design for: Flip Up Sight, Pistol Grip, VPS Tool

If you consider yourself an expert in airsoft, you understand the value of versatility. If you’re looking for an airsoft gun that is versatile as well as powerful and most of all, satisfying, then take a look at our excellent M47D1 Pump Action – it comes with a UTG-style heavy construction which gives it a solid pump action feel. The magazine holds 20 rounds. Comes with a magazine, speed loader, small bag of BB pellets and more accessories. This gun is very versatile and can shoot both in single-shot mode and in an alternate quick pump mode. To fire in single-shot mode, cock the loading handle foregrip backwards and then forwards in one continuous movement and pull the trigger to fire. To fire in quick pump mode, hold the trigger down and quickly move the loading handle foregrip back and forth to pump out shots continuously.

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