Bulldog Biodegradable 2000 Airsoft BB Pellets 0.30G (White) GB030-2000WBIO



Specifications :

  • Types: Airsoft BBs
  • BBs size: 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm (common term 6mm)
  • BBs color : White
  • BBs weight: .30g
  • BBs Count: 2000
  • Attributes: lab-tested, triple polished, premium quality
  • Designed to be used with low FPS ranges
  • Bulldog BBs stand out from the rest, they are calibrated and have a smooth polished surface, with no ridges or imperfections.
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Designed for professional training & simulation gaming
  • Highest rating in accuracy, grouping, and range
  • Made by the #1 BB manufacturer

Introducing Bulk Bulldog Airsoft BB in a wholesale package – a premium choice for enthusiasts and retailers. With a striking yellow color and precise 5.95 mm sizing, these .30g BBs are tailored for low FPS ranges, ensuring peak performance in controlled-speed scenarios. The bulk package of 2000-count offers convenience for extensive gameplay or wholesale distribution. Bulk Bulldog Airsoft BB, lab-tested and triple-polished, stands out with their smooth, calibrated surface, setting them apart in quality. Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, they align with Bulldog’s commitment to sustainability. Designed for professional training and gaming simulations, these BBs consistently earn top ratings for accuracy, grouping, and range, making them the preferred ammunition from the #1 BB manufacturer.

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